Generational Curses

Perhaps you are going through the motions of life… 

Relate to any of This?…

  • You have given up subconsciously, even though you don’t say aloud that you’re done trying.
  • Your mama was this way…and her mama was this way.
  • You don’t even see how your dreams are possible anymore.

does the richness of life escape you?

Healthy relationships, healthy body image, healthy lifestyle might all seem like gifts given only to certain people…Meanwhile, you just got the short end of the stick.

AND YOU WANT more for yourself!

tired of the cycle?… 

  • Not being able to make permanent changes
  • Feeling like you keep taking 5 steps forward and 10 steps back
  • Always the underdog…rarely the victor




And let’s not talk about the real  pain you feel when you are alone:

Having to hide those deep, dark secrets. Maybe to keep someone safe from judgment, ridicule and punishment…all the while, you’re suffering inside.

Your own mind has turned against you while you work tirelessly to care for everyone else and make sure that they are okay…

You are left feeling unworthy, unseen, unheard and not understood.

If you are ready to break free from those generational curses…

 if you want to finally feel what it is like to have someone prioritze your peace, your happiness, and your desires,then book a session with me today!