Individual Sessions for Adolescent Girls and Women


Anxiety is one of the most common reasons that women seek counseling. An anxiety disorder is when an alarm system somehow gets broken and is alerting us more often than is helpful. Talk therapy strategies are


Everyone will experience losses in his/her life, some minor and some major. Unfortunately, we all learn that every living creation must die one day. Learning how to grieve and what tools to acquire in the grieving process can help to prepare for the inevitable loss that feels unbearable and unending.


Depression has many facets and can impact anyone during any period in life. It can impact the way an individual thinks, feels, and behaves, thus causing challenges in their ability to manage daily tasks.


Our bodies are uniquely designed and they experience stress when responding to any type of demand or threat. Stress isn’t always bad. It can either help you to perform under pressure or it can overwhelm you and take a toll on your nervous system.


Trauma can be physical or psychological. Psychological trauma can
involve physical injuries and is manifested by observing distressing events that cause emotional
pain, shock, and stress. Traumatic events threaten people’s sense of safety.